We are design, fashion and technology.

We are Wetech

Wetech is a dynamic company that thinks beyond conventions and puts the consumers at the heart of our designs to create inspiring experiences that combine fashion and technology.

We combine trendy designs, advanced hardware systems and smart software to develop new wearable products and innovative solutions that enhance customer value and improve brand awareness.

Wearable Products

We have developed a wide range of wearables with payment, access control, identification and localization capabilities. We have products such as bracelets, watchbands, watches, rings, keyfobs and mobile phone cases in a variety of materials: silicone, rubber, fabric, nylon, leather, etc.

Digital solutions

Wetech provide mobile and wearable solutions to help extract real business value from new digital systems and to transform your business with state-of-the-art technologies. Our offering includes solutions for innovative payments, secure identification, smart notifications and efficient geolocation.

Wetech Pay

Wetech Pay platform permits to assign, activate, and monitor different types of payments methods linked to our contactless wearables.

Wetech Cash

The Wetech Cash platform allows you to make payments in a comfortable and easy way in shops, resorts, music festivals, etc.

Wetech Push

The Wetech Push platform provides services that allow you to send customized notifications adapted to the interests and needs of consumers.

Wetech Find

Wetech Find employs sensors and efficient communication devices to offer efficient location for the care of our loved ones.

Wetech ID

Wetech ID is a secure identification platform for mobiles and wearables through the use of token and cryptography to increase security.

Custom Development and Consulting

Wetech offers end-to-end wearable and mobile solutions providing the guidance, advice, devices, software and support you need. Our experience in custom development and consulting services enables companies to deliver high quality wearable and digital systems at competitive prices and with reduced time-to-market.


WETECH at CES 2018 Las Vegas with the H2020 SME Instrument – Overseas Trade Fairs

WETECH has showcased our innovate payment technology at CES Las Vegas, the main global Consumer Electronics Show that took place from 9 to 12 January in Las Vegas (US).

WETECH is one of the 15 cutting-edge European Smart Tech innovators shortlisted by the EIC SME Instrument as top smart tech innovators. A great team of European entrepreneurs formed the SME Instrument – Overseas Trade Fairs (OTF)  delegation, exhibiting at the EU’s official booth. WETECH´s CTO Raúl del Coso and Manager Javier Ardura, are proud members of this group.

All representatives at the SME Instrument – Overseas Trade Fairs (OTF)  in CES 2018

Raúl del Coso at WETECH´s booth in CES 2018

This experience has been awesome, the overall reaction of the CES visitors to the innovations we showcased was excellent, opening up exciting opportunities that we are currently following-up.

This November is a special month for Wetech

Let’s start from the beginning: Wetech was formally established as a company in November 2013 so we celebrate three years this month and we are moving from nursery school to preschool. These three years have been fascinating and we want to thank wholeheartedly the many people and organizations that have supported us in this adventure of personal, professional and business growth. It has been a roller coaster of emotions! We are very proud because we have grown a lot with limited resources and being based in Asturias, a wonderful place but far from the main decision centres.


Important participation of Wetech in Trustech’16

From the IoT to Connected Commerce. How far are we from large scale deployments? Wetech focuses in the design and development of wearables for payment. We have been working for more than 2 years in this innovative specialisation area. That is why we are very proud and it is great news for our team to announce that our CTO, Raul del Coso, will give two talks and will participate in a roundtable at Trustech’16, the main event about payments and secure technologies in Europe that takes place in Cannes from November 29 to December 1st. In addition Wetech will have a stand (Marina D093) in which will show the products and services for wearable payments and other secure interactions.