MisterBag´s video: Wetech NFC bracelet in use

We knew about Abel´s passion for bags, from his highly recommended blog MisterBag.es. We were very excited when we first watched his video: Wetech NFC bracelet in use. A very sensible and beautiful manner of capturing the sense tech.

Vídeo “Wetech bracelet with NFC technology”

In this video, MisterBag uses different functions of the NFC bracelet, which are activated using our free App:

  1. Visit your blog. We love how he uses the Direct Link function with his blog site. You select a website and you can open it just by bringing your smartphone close to your bracelet: a blog, a corporate website, an on-line shop, your profile in a social network… With just a gesture!
  2. Camera on. As a good blogger, Abel has chosen the “capture the moment” function. We know how important it is to have the camera always on hand to capture those special moments. Especially, as we like sharing them on our social networks…
  3. Frequent call. MisterBag has used this function to you choose a contact and call him or her directly, just by bringing the phone close to the bracelet. What contact chose Abel? Abel chose “Mom”, like most of us do.

Wetech NFC bracelet is available in 4 different models. MisterBag blogger chose Brown&Beige model, made from short-hair covered leather, with a metal chain edging. It has a double-magnet clasp in slightly aged metal, personalised with “We” Wetech logo. A wave icon is printed in the inner side, to indicate the position of the interactive area.

We hope you liked MisterBag´s video of Wetech NFC bracelet in use. We can only add, Many thanks Abel!

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