Wetech offers end-to-end wearable and mobile solutions providing the guidance, advice, devices, software and support you need. Our experience in custom development and consulting services enables companies to deliver high quality wearable and digital systems at competitive prices and with reduced time-to-market.

End to end development of wearable products

Wearables are becoming mainstream and will increase their presence in our daily lives in the near future. Wetech could work with you to take advantages of the new opportunities and market niches that are emerging. We are experts in creating inspiring experiences combining design, fashion trends and novel technologies.

Our end to end development capabilities integrate all the areas required by your wearable products, from hardware best suited to your application to the materials adapted to your cost requirements. Our versatile form factors and designs enable to offer wearables aligned with your branding strategy. Our cloud based platforms, APIs, web services and mobile apps deliver satisfying customer journeys.

Wetech wearable devices could be used in a variety of applications and sectors.


We have made custom developments for: