Very soon, all we need to move around our city will be on our wrist. In Wetech, we work to make wearable technologies useful to citizens. For that reason, we are using this blog to share with you some of the opportunities and benefits that a wearable for smart cities can bring to citizens, service providers and public administrations.

Uses of a wearable for smart cities

We believe that a wearable, such as an interactive wristband, is the natural evolution from the citizen cards, available nowadays. The novel wristbands may include the same functions as the current cards, and extra ones enabled by partnership with the proprietary mobile app. Furthermore, these functions will now be available from the users´ wrist, with the subsequent major advantages in terms of conveniency and easyness to use. No need for searching in your bag, not even need to carry your bag!

How would they work?

These wristbands have technology inside (NFC, RFID, Bluetooth, sensors…) that enable a set of functionalities and synchronisation with a mobile app.

In the outside, each city can have their own desgin or, even, a set of different styles. Besides, the possibilities of wearables for smart cities are not only wristbands, also necklaces, brooches or keychains.

What functions would be available?

  • Access control for public transport: bus, metro, light rail… Contactless acces, easy and convenient.
  • Access to public services (free or payment) including libraries, swimming pool, sport areas,…
  • Renting of public bikes or other public services.
  • Furthermore, via a mobile app, the user can receive notifications related to the transport network, activities agenda, etc.

An opportunity for the promotion of tourism

Each wristband can be independently programmed for a specific duration and coverage of services, which is a big advantage in terms of flexibility and customisation potential. Therefore, a city could offer a specific wristband for touristswith a tailored set of functions focused, for instance, on public transport and museums. The mobile app linked to this wristband, would send notifications related to the leisure agenda scheduled for the day or to the proximity of places of interest.

Wearables for smart cities

Wearables will play an essential role in our smart cities. Wearable technologies are a reality nowadays, they have become technically feasible and profitable. Would you like to learn more?

We invite you to contact our team if you are interested on development or deployment projects on wearables for smart cities.