From the IoT to Connected Commerce. How far are we from large scale deployments? Wetech focuses in the design and development of wearables for payment. We have been working for more than 2 years in this innovative specialisation area. That is why we are very proud and it is great news for our team to announce that our CTO, Raul del Coso, will give two talks and will participate in a roundtable at Trustech’16, the main event about payments and secure technologies in Europe that takes place in Cannes from November 29 to December 1st. In addition Wetech will have a stand (Marina D093) in which will show the products and services for wearable payments and other secure interactions.

Great questions to discuss

The participants in the conference will have the significant challenge to answer the important questions of the main companies in this sector:

  • How to make payments without plastic cards and mobiles?
  • How to get financial services without banks?
  • How will the Internet of Things enhance connected commerces?

Raul del Coso, one of the experts participating in the conference, has a clear view about this: the best way to connect the IoT with commerce is the possibility of making payments. Wearables are the type of connected device that better facilitate the action of paying because they are convenient and could be enriched with other functionalities.

The payment with wearables is possible now and will be massive in the near future. Security and compatibility are the natural barriers to overcome to adopt a new payment solution but they do not exist in the case of wearable payments. During the conference, Raúl del Coso will explained how contactless technology using advanced encryption technologies are already available and could be integrated in wearables.

Although these tools facilitate the connection between the Internet of Things and commerces, there are many other key ideas that will be discussed at Trustech and Wetech will share and analyse them with our customers.

If you want to know more about wearable payment and secure digitial solutions, contact the Wetech’s team.