Wetech ID

Wetech ID secure identification platform for mobiles and wearables that removes passwords by employing physical token and strong cryptography to increase significantly security. Wetech ID permits easy, convenient and fast identification solutions. For extra-secure applications (e.g. voting), our two channel authentication offers the best state-of-the-art solution.

Wetech ID could also be used in IoT applications. Combined with blockchain, it could be used to prevent counterfeiting.


The secure technology of Wetech ID is currently used to:

  •  Submit tax returns

  •  Register a motor vehicles & apply for driver’s licenses

  •  Register a new company

  •  File court cases, access and monitor legal proceedings

  •  Access and process real estate data and documents

  •  Apply for and manage personal and corporate pensions

  •  Access student account, grades and class info

  •  Access personal information from governmental information systems

  •  Vote in public elections