We were very honoured to meet Ryan Lawler and Anthony Ha from Tech Crunch, at our booth in the Eureka Park of CES. They popped up there, for our surprise and great pleasure! They talked to our Technology Advisor, Raul del Coso, for a brief intro to the new wearables we were presenting at CES and a demo of Wetech bracelets in use. We are delighted to share with you the video they have produced.

Vídeo “Wetech: Stylish Smart Wearables”

In the Tech Crunch “Wetech: Stylish Smart Wearables” video, you can find:

  • A quick view through our new designs launched at CES, including rings, watch straps and bracelets for contactless interaction, as well as necklaces for call and messages alerts.
  • Some details of the doll designs for alert necklaces. They use LED light and vibration for call and message alerts, only from those important contacts you have pre-selected using our proprietary app. This product will be available for preorder in Spring 2015.
  • A brief explanation on how our contactless products work. You can use them, controlled by Wetech App, simply to start functions in your smartphone directly from your wearables. We are currently working with partners in the payment sector as well as the access-control sector, in order to enable new functionality to be started from our wearables. Really exciting!
  • A demo on how you can use Wetech bracelets to start a function on your smartphone, directly from your bracelet, using Wetech App.

We hope you enjoy “Wetech: Stylish Smart Wearables” video. We love this opportunity to have met Ryan and Anthony, offer you some flavour of our CES experience and show you our new designs. A big thank you, Tech Crunch!