To Wetech, starting this blog means the fulfilment of a dream. The dream of bringing into life an idea that emerged few months ago and that we can eventually present to you. The first collection of Wetech Bracelets is here and will be available for on-line shopping, soon. A nice bracelet that integrates NFc technology for interconnectivity with Android smartphones, using our app to activate different functions.

Originally, it seemed difficult to bring this idea into a real product. Nevertheless, the result cannot be any easier to handle. When Wetech founders first met, with paralel profesional trajectories in the sectors of technology and fashion, also two realities merged together, resulting in a new one. That is precisely Wetech´s original idea: adding a technological feature to fashion accessories so that you can enjoy design as never had done before.

We feel happy, encouraged and thankful for all the support received during these months.

The path to this point has not been an easy one. The path ahead of us will not be any easier either. Nevertheless, we feel happy, encouraged and thankful for all the support received during these months. For that reason, Weblog first post could only be devoted to give thanks to those enterprises and professionals who have believed in us as much as we did, and to our families. Those who encouraged us to bring this idea to life, day to day.

Thanks to IDEPA, the Regional Institute for Economic Development of Asturias, for an R&D grant to support Innovative Start ups during 2014.

Thanks to CEEI, for believing in this Project from the very beggining and their continuous support.

Thanks to Prince of Girona Foundation for accepting us in “Emprender es posible” Programme.

And Thanks to the Municipality of Gijon, the city where we are based, for including Wetech in their innitiative for Innovative Entrepreneur Women, in cooperation with the EOI.

Also Thanks to our partners who are in part responsible for the fact that Wetech Bracelets are now a reality.

A big thanks to our family and Friends who, after these weeks, have become exprts on technology.

And, of course, a very special Thank You for being reading this first post. We are very excited of sharing our idea, our bracelets, our experience…Because we are well aware of how hard is to fulfil a dream.