Let’s start from the beginning: Wetech was formally established as a company in November 2013 so we celebrate three years this month and we are moving from nursery school to preschool. These three years have been fascinating and we want to thank wholeheartedly the many people and organizations that have supported us in this adventure of personal, professional and business growth. It has been a roller coaster of emotions! We are very proud because we have grown a lot with limited resources and being based in Asturias, a wonderful place but far from the main decision centres.

Our company, like children, has learnt almost everything important in the early years of life by playing and experiencing. Wetech is a company built on illusion and dreams. We have faced frustrations as we have reached sometimes our limits, and we overcame them with boldness and work. There was a famous cartoon series in the 80s in Spain that had lyrics which summarize well our entre preneurial experience: “There are many dangers, easy things and difficult ones, good and bad people, non-stop adventures, fortunes and misfortunes.”

Taking advantage of this third birthday, we have renewed our website with a fresh image and updated contents according to our current lines of activity. We want to thank the creativity, effort and dedication of the team at Wetech to make this new version. We hope you like it and we appreciate your comments to improve it!


And as the icing on the cake, Wetech will have a very prominent presence at Trustech (Cannes, November 29th to December 1st 2017), Europe’s largest payment and digital security show. On the one hand, Raul, our CTO, will give two talks on wearable payments and will participate in a roundtable on Internet of Things and Connected Commerce. In addition, Wetech will have a stand where we will show our new products and digital solutions.