To make things happen. To drive change through innovation. To transform the concept of traditional banking. The financial world is undergoing a revolution and Wetech is proud to be part of this wind of change. Our offer of payment wearables for the banking sector has been shortlisted as one of the four finalists (out of more than 140 applicants) in the Fintech Venture Day Madrid competition, organised by Santander InnoVentures, IE Business School and Accenture.This is its first edition and Madrid is the European hub.

Fintech Venture Day Madrid competition took place in last April and 2016, and equivalent competitions are held in Brazil and Israel, for LATAM and Middle East, respectively. This competition has the mission to give more visibility to start-ups devoted to bring the latest technology to the financial sector..

Time from bringing the financial and the technological sectors together

“Fintech” concept comes from joining the “financial” and the “technology” terms. Nevertheless, this new trend is also aimed to join two different types of business, traditionally on opposite sides: the innovative start-ups and the consolidated financial firms. In Wetech, we we think that this convergence is where the force of change lies.

Wetech business trajectory started in November 2013 with the aim to bring technology and fashion closer together. Our wearable payment solutions offer a global service to bank entities : from the design of the accesories, material selection, finest production, seamless integration of the payment chips and chip personalisation at our clients centre of choice. We offer a variety of form factors I our portfolio, including watch-straps, bracelets, rings, keyfobs and phone cases. Furthermore, our Product Designers have the skills and experience to deliver customised designs to meet different client requirements and end-users profiles.

Finalist in Fintech Venture Day Madrid competition

By participating in this competition organised by Santander InnoVentures, IE Business School and Accenture, we also got to know better the work of other European fintech start-ups. Capital Ahora, Fire PCI and Indexa Capital were also finalists in this competition, Pitch was the winner of it. Fintech Venture Day Madrid competition has been an exciting experience and a new extra motivation to continue bringing our innovation on payment methods, closer to the bank entities worldwide. Do you know us?