Wetech has ambition for growth. For that reason, in a couple of months we will be filling our suitcase with Wetech interactive bracelets and prototypes of new products, to show them in the world´s leading fair on consumer electronics. Before the big event arrives, here is a little preview of Wetech novelties for CES 2015. What do you think?

Wetech novelties for CES 2015

Wetech is one of the very few Spanish enterprises taking part in CES2015. Our booth will be located in Eureka Park, an area assigned to spin-offs from the world´s most prestigious universities as well as promising start-ups from all around the world. We are very proud to be there!

What are we presenting there?

  • Our value proposition: integrating technology in fashion accessories, with stylish designs, trendy materials and easy-to-use functionality.
  • Wetech bracelets, the collection we launched earlier this year. You can buy them online in WeShop and Amazon.
  • A new product based on bluetooth technology: an intelligent bracelet that alerts of incoming calls and messages. We will be telling you on this new product on future posts.

Sharing our experience

In Wetech, we have decided to take part in CES 2015 in order to get in touch with potential distributors in the American and Asian markets, among others. We also aim to meet other companies with supplementary activities, as potential business partners.

Where to find us? Wetech in CES 2015

When: 6-9 January 2015
Where: Las Vegas, EE.UU.
Area: Eureka Park
Sands – 75726
More info

Really amazing show

Figures of the last CES edition are impressive: 160.498 attendees, 3.673 exhibitors from more than 140 countries, more than 20.000 products launched,… A must appointment for spotting the main international trends in the Consumer Electronics sector. We recommend you this video with the highlights of the 2014 edition.

We hope you enjoyed reading this little preview on Wetech novelties for CES 2015. If you are planning to attend, we invite you to contact us in advance. See you soon!