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The client wanted to incorporate payment capabilities into their watches. Wetech offered a comprehensive project execution system consisting of working hand in hand with the Festina Group’s internal technical team to provide it with hardware and communication with secure elements where tokens can be downloaded and NFC payments can be made.

For this project we reached an agreement with Banco Santander, MasterCard and other security companies in the Fintech sector specialised in digital identity.

Festina Pay watch strap

The work done for the success of the project

Wetech’s value proposition was the evolution of watches so that they could offer a new service in addition to telling the time and be more durable over time: being able to make payments as well as having a design and image in line with the brand.


Hardware & software

Choice of hardware (secure elements) and software for communication with the hybrid smartwatch.


Active search for partners for the development of the project, in particular a bank card issuer.


Open the project with Mastercard to create a wallet ID.

Marketing and communication

Synchronise the communication and marketing teams of the brands involved.