Sensorisation of medical clinic


Clínica Oftalmológica Los Vega



The customer’s objective was to optimise the resources of the surgical teams in the operating theatre area. Wetech offered an innovative technological solution through the sensorisation of equipment and operating theatres to provide real-time information that would have a positive impact on hospital management.

Specific areas of the hotel such as the operating theatres, pre-operative, post-operative and transit areas were equipped with their own antennas and a special mesh system. Ultra wide band sensors were installed on the stretchers that were paired with the patients. In this way the internal level data, always anonymised and secured, was used to know the patient’s tracking and route inside the operating theatre. This information is precise, constant and in real time, so that it is possible to know where the patient is and the route taken.

The system installed in a medical clinic or hospital offers a clear benefit in terms of optimising resources. Patients may spend too much time in transit areas and this would trigger alarms in the application. It improves organisation, avoids traffic jams and bottlenecks and optimises the flow of movements by configuring a circuit and a design of how to create faster paths. Travel times are reduced in a similar way as Google Maps does by optimising routes.

Hours or days can be saved in the use of operating theatre equipment with the same people and resources, so the economic savings are significant.

In addition, the entire hospital can be networked to monitor the accompanying staff and show them routes so that their movements are more efficient and travel time is saved because the location of the patients is known in real time.

Security is a very important point in the system. All information is stored in a local system at the centre which is not connected to the Internet. Security, data anonymisation and GDPR are ensured.

How We Solve This Project


Configuring zones and meshing

A study is made of the zones and the special zones where there are metallic elements are reinforced. The map is adapted to the zones.

Sensorise the stretchers

The stretcher is fitted with a battery-operated sensor and a barcode or QR code is associated with the patient's code.

Web application

Real time application to see all the movements of the stretchers on the map of the clinic. The information is saved for improvement and optimisation.

Security and privacy

Security and privacy systems are implemented to ensure that data is always anonymised and stored securely internally.