Versatile industrial digitisation system





The project developed is based on the challenge posed by Dupont and on the exchanges of information between Dupont and Wetech in order to offer a versatile system for industrial digitalisation.

This proposal encompasses the design and development of a digital system for reading and classifying events and signals at physical points using mobile phones (or tablets) in order to enrich the information stored by Dupont in its databases on equipment, tasks and processes. This first Proof of Concept (PoC) system will consist of the following components and features:


Native Android App publicly accessible on Google Play

The mobile application offers the following features:

  • User login using the Dupont system (Single Sign On).
  • Capture of information from NFC tags (NFC Forum 1-5; Mifare Classic, Ultralight and Desfire).
  • Capture of visual information from QR codes.
  • Sending the information captured by the app from the tags (NFC and QR) together with the user ID, time stamp and geolocation (phone GPS) in encrypted form to the Dupont datawarehouse for integration into an event and signal database.

Backoffice system for mapping wireless tags (NFC) and visual information (QR)

Backoffice system to assign wireless tags (NFC) and visual information (QR) that can be recognised to equipment, tasks or processes. This backoffice system will allow to create, modify and delete identifiers that will be displayed on a map. This system will be realised for a web access for viewing compatible with computers, mobiles and tablets.


NFC tags and QR stickers

NFC tags and QR stickers for marking places where relevant actions occur to be digitised by Dupont within its tasks and processes. Low-cost and versatile tags will be used so that the deployment can be extensive and easily scalable.

Los desarrollos de este proyecto PoC inicial se realizarán con tecnologías compatibles con los sistemas Microsoft de Dupont (e.g. Office 365, SQL Server) mediante una aproximación modular, flexible y fácilmente parametrizable que permitan su reaprovechamiento en aplicaciones de negocio concretas en etapas posteriores. El sistema se diseñará de forma abierta para que pueda integrar múltiples fuentes de datos que podrán ser clasificados por la app para identificar cualquier tipo de evento relacionado con procesos y equipos de Dupont. Esta información preclasificada por la app será enviada de forma segura a los sistemas TIC de Dupont para que sean almacenados y analizados.