Innovative payments
and digital identification

Wetech provides mobile and wearable solutions to help you extract real business value from new digital systems and transform your business with cutting-edge technologies. Our offering includes innovative solutions for payments, secure identification, personalised notifications and smart geolocation
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A new world for the banking user of the future

The Wetech Pay and Wetech Cash platforms allow you to assign, activate and monitor different types of contactless payment methods made with your passive and active payment devices. Our platforms include cloud-based systems and APIs (Android and iOS) to manage wearable payment capabilities using your company's applications and web services.
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Wetech Pay

Wetech Pay

Wetech Pay is based in debit and credit cards of the client to make purchases in any contactless terminal compatible with Mastercard and Visa. This open-loop payment system could be used with wearables in any commerce worldwide connected to card networks. Wearables with NFC or NFC+Bluetooth connectivity could be associated with Wetech Pay platform.

Wetech Cash

Wetech Cash could be based in debit/credit cards or direct bank account transfers of the client to make purchases in closed-loop environments. This platform could be used in retail chains, holiday resorts, music festivals, university campus, etc. This kind of payment has reduced transaction fees and could be linked to loyalty or closed ID programs.

Ring Pay

A minimalist and sustainable system of making payments and digital identification with rings made of natural gems and/or wood.

Crypto & NFT

Real-life exchanges of cryptocurrencies and NFTs with a digital backing.